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Janpat – Cheap Guest House Rooms

Welcome to the guest house pune. If you find us best in quality and in services. You want best services with 24 hours availability then you should give us a chance to serve you. Clean rooms like as hotel and air conditioner. We provide double bed with minimal extra charge. All the locations are near to pune airport. Airport authority of India is responsible to manage to this airport. The entire website in the market provides online rooms option where they can login and manage room’s cancellation and rooms booking. Some of websites also provide online tool that is guest list managers. They provide in area of guest access link. If you book room then you can give them task to prepare wedding guest names for your wedding. They create guest pass which is common and helpful when you do not want to carry keys. Their environment is peaceful and you can search online your independent house easily.

Budget Prices

Our delicious food is with best hygiene and commissioner of police pune department do the verification process for license. This verification is compulsory. Probably you are not for long time but services always matter for everyone. You invest due to services and condition still same that you are not getting what you were promised by them. Please check lodge Page.

Providing cost effective packers movers services in Jaipur

We add well established business in our directory and known for its wide range of services and network. They have reputed clients.  Listed companies provide affordable rate quotation at first attempt and client get satisfactory services and true value for money. Our aim is become trusted brand in business industry.

Top companies

As per your demand and expectation, our website is having top companies for example – Gati Ltd., which use top quality packing materials which absorb 99% shock waves, for example bubble wrappers are common for this purpose and comes in many verities, it protect in most cases and it simplified the process.

Leading Companies

To avoid package loses, they put outer information tags with owner details which help in easy tracking. Leading provider use branded plastic wrappers to ensure quality and ensure safest move of your priceless goods to your new location.

Professionals for Pickup

Companies provide professional logistics services and even mostly provide good solution for doorstep delivery and pickup without damage, you get shifted without any trouble. In true meaning, offer doorstep services without paying extra for labour cost.

We also provide guidelines about customs rules which help in clearances of your items or product..


We hire experts, as they can handle hard job in any situation and salary does not matter to us. We respect to talent.

You get manual loading resources to complete tasks and they use machines technologies and technical person handle it because they have skilled team members. They get proper training even for hard situation. They have efficient coordination for handle any task.

Even they will shift your heavy furniture in your flat through stairs where no service lifts available.

On our website, you can negotiate at affordable prices and you can comparison on cost level.

If you are willing to know about corporate service provider then fill our form for your requirement and we will send you further details to help you.

If you are facing fraud with listed company then get touch with us by email us anytime or follow us on social media accounts or just dial our mobile number and you can report of them. We will take your report ahead and will include your feedback as reviews in our website but you need to email us proof of fraudulent activities. We are not responsible for any scam. We try to investigate to get trusted companies but it is not fully security measurement. So, Customer should enquire about company base before making any deal. We advise you that first, you should visit office location within city to avoid any scam.

How to remotely transfer wordpress one to another

Many plugins are available to take backup and restore wordpress but when you want whole website backup and it is larger in size then it create problem to migrate but good news that you can still migrate without any plugin and without downloading any file.

For cPanel

If both sides have cPanel then you can use server side migration, in which automatic script zip both local files and database to move it to other server.

What you need

You need to create ftp account in both servers. Now, just visit ftp option in cPanel and select remote backup option and fill remote server newly create ftp details and process it.

It will create backup which is packed both sql and all wordpress files and you need to extract it and download sql file and upload sql file in PhpMyAdmin.

It is easiest method, if you need my help then comment below.

How to change up vote in just few clicks

In admin panel, you can count vote’s numbers but you cannot change for specific user but you can still update it.

You need to login in cPanel and visit PhpmyAdmin panel and choose your pligg assigned database and find votes table and find user id and edit the row and put the numbers whatever you want.

It will directly update in system.

If you need help then comment below, we will do it for you free of cost.

Backlink checker tools to analyse your competitors website

When you write articles and some points need external sources to elaborate more to the article then you link other websites.

Search engine counts it and boost ranking as counting it.

Below are some tools which are 95% accurate for results.


They offer ahrefs account in just 500 INR per month but it is shared account, so better you only pull only backlink data from it and do not use ranking monitoring tool.

They also provide semrush account in just 500 INR.

Both tools are good but semrush is much ahead for backlinks analysis and it is 95% accurate but in other hand, ahrefs is 80% accurate.

Backlink Watch

It is free tool. It provides 40% accurate results. There is haven’t any filter for results and you get hundred of same link results from same domain, even you can filter do-follow and no-follow links.

Open link explorer

You can use it for 3 times a day without any cost with limited features. It is cheapest tool and even provides 70% accurate results. It also provides filter options.

How to include self hosted blog in reader

If you want to add your self-hosted WordPress in reader, so you can get free traffic then it is good news for you that you can do.

You need to download wordpress windows software and jetpack plugin and create jetpack account using plugin

Remember that you can now enjoy desktop publishing tool and you do not need visit web URL anymore.  You can install it every device even in android mobile.

Download It

Google Adwords promotion, 2000 INR free credit when you spend 2000 INR

If you are new user and existing user, it is for all users but you need to spend up to 2000 INR to get 2000 INR free credit.

If you spend 1000 INR within 31 days after redeem your coupon then you would get 1000 INR free credit or if you need spend 2500 INR then you will get only 2000 INR free balance.

So it is maximum balance and minimum. It is only valid for India.

Coupon Code


How to create downloadable links for users

In WordPress, you can upload media files and even no media files but when you need to create downloadable links then it create problem because it render in web browser.

But you can do it without any plugin, it is easiest method.


You need to only zip the file in your computer which you want and upload it ,after done, hyperlink with any text and done!

How to solve verification email not sending issue

When you want that authors would be able to register in your wordpress site without any problem and can reset username and password in just single click then you can enable multisite feature but some host do not support post email php method.

Thus host will not send email verification link to registered user and account would be activated but you can solve this problem without changing your host.

Just install SMTP Plugin and activate it

You need to install only SMTP plugin and no additional setting needed; only installation can solve this issue.

How to exclude your own dynamic IP traffic in Google analytics?

If you are monitoring your website traffic then Google analytics perfectly fit for you as it is providing many features and so, it is hard to operate to newbie person.

If you get traffic and want to check that how user interact with your site and from where, they came and what is your actual bounce rate and what is source.

All these things are very important to run successful website but your own traffic can interrupt your own final report, so you need to exclude as soon as possible.

Do you have dynamic IP which change mostly time automatically? Then you should read below solutions: –

  1. Install Block Yourself from Analytics chrome extension

It is one click solution because you do not need any further step. It is easy solution. You need to enter your domain name in the setting field and done!

Download Chrome Extension

  1. Exclude whole network

As you have dynamic IP which range every time, so only solution to exclude your ISP.

                     How to do that:-

First visit iplocation and copy your ISP name then login in analytics and in the left side bottom, click on admin link and find filter option and add new filter.

In filter name area, you can name it anything, and choose custom option and choose exclude > ISP organization

In the filter pattern, paste your ISP name and save it.

How to manually upload theme using file manager plugin

WordPress provide graphical interface to upload themes but sometimes many bugs occur and you are not able to do that.

Other problems are PHP.INI file default settings but you can upload bigger files using file manager plugin.

First create many parts of files under 8 MB.

Watch video tutorial


How to remove author link using code editor

Mostly premium theme provide support but some not, if you want to remove admin link from blog post then you need to just remove some codes, so read full tutorial.

For Sydney theme

Login in wordpress admin panel and click on appearance tab > editor > inc > templates-tags.php

Find below codes and delete them and save the file:-

$byline = sprintf(

                        _x( ‘%s’, ‘post author’, ‘sydney’ ),

                        ‘<span class=”author vcard”><a class=”url fn n” href=”‘ . esc_url( get_author_posts_url( get_the_author_meta( ‘ID’ ) ) ) . ‘”>’ . esc_html( get_the_author() ) . ‘</a></span>’


For Swing Lite

You need to find appearance tab > editor > template-tags.php file in editor and find below codes and delete the codes and save the file.

$byline = sprintf(

                                    ‘%s’, ‘<span class=”author vcard”><a class=”url fn n ” href=”‘ . esc_url( get_author_posts_url(

get_the_author_meta( ‘ID’ ) ) ) . ‘”><i class=”fa fa-pencil-square-o”></i>’ . esc_html( get_the_author(),’swing-lite’ ) . ‘</a></span>’


For Interface

To go wp-admin>appearance>editor>Inc>structure>content-extensions.php

You need to find below codes and delete and save the file

<div class=”by-author vcard author”><span class=”fn”><a href=”<?php echo get_author_posts_url( get_the_author_meta( ‘ID’ ) ); ?>”

                        title=”<?php  esc_attr(the_author()); ?>”>

          <?php the_author(); ?>


For Nisarg

To go wp-admin>appearance>editor>Inc>template-tags.php

In the Line 124, you need to find below codes and delete and save the file

$entry_meta = ‘<i class=”fa fa-calendar-o”></i> <a href=”%1$s” title=”%2$s” rel=”bookmark”><time class=”entry-date” datetime=”%3$s” pubdate>%4$s </time></a><span class=”byline”><span class=”sep”></span><i class=”fa fa-user”></i>

<span class=”author vcard”><a class=”url fn n” href=”%5$s” title=”%6$s” rel=”author”>%7$s</a></span></span>’;

Remove wordpress footer links using code editor

Yes, it is fully legal because it is open source software and you are free to do whatever change you want.

You can use css hide option but it does not work properly and sometime it can break website design.

You can replace or add your own codes, if you want so then just modify affiliate website URL with your website URL.

Some premium themes provide disable option and for it, you need to visit customizer option.

Mostly developers protect it with encrypted security, so online decoder help in it.

Below are some codes which are in zip format and you need to find those codes in editor and remove or delete them and save the file, that’s it.

Just choose below themes to get further steps, so you can remove bottom bar area credit: –

For Sydney Theme

Instruction for sydney

For Swing Lite


It is created by Access Keys. it do not provide any inbuilt option to hide credit, still you can edit css code but it can give you while space issue above footer, so you should download above instructions to get further information.

For Interface


For Writee


For Nisarg


For Stout and Primer


For ColorMag


It is created by themegrill. For free version, you need to download above instruction file for further steps.

If you are using pro version then you can use one-click option to hide links. You need to visit –>Appearance->Customize->Additional Options->Footer Copyright Editor Section

It is css option, so it hide link but it is not good for seo because Google guideline do not allow.

Best plugins to edit Meta Title

If you are newbie in wordpress then it is hard for you to learn many things which are required before posting on it.

Free SEO tools

Content also include posted title and this create user experience trouble, so it should be resolved and below are some plugins which are free and you can install : –


Although, it is premium but some features are totally free and you can use lifetime without any restrictions.

Rewrite title tag is free feature in which you can edit it. In content, it will be same but for SERP, it will show your desired tag.

You can even open tags.

How to use copyscape without any limit

It is best tool for you if you are running website or blog. You can check internal and external duplicate content.

It is crucial in seo, so it is better to get up to date with your content. Below is trick

Free seo ranking checker tools


You need gprs internet because it has dynamic IP and every time it changes its IP, so no blockage of IP.

You can use unlimited times copyscape.

List of Free Seo ranking monitoring tools

If you are running your website then you know how it is important to you. You can check ranking manually but it become harder when you have above 50 keywords, so subscribe premium tools but they cost much.

So, below are some tools which are totally free in limited features and you can check your mostly keywords.


It is launched recently, so they are offering more in free pack. You can add up to 10 websites and check 50 keywords per website.

In total, you check 500 keywords and even you can automate the process and check local serp.

Mostly search engines are available without any restrictions. If you refer someone then you get premium features.

How to create Rediffmail id without mobile number

Recently, rediff made the changes in the software to increase security and reducing spam accounts.

So you need phone number to create account in rediff website. They will send you OTP, so there is trick and you can sign up without phone number.


You need to be just less than 17 years old age. When website ask birthday then make it around 17 years old and you do not need any OTP verification.

How to access other mails accounts from Gmail

It is hidden feature or it is unknown for mostly because we do know that Gmail provide the facility to connect other mails accounts within it.

Outlook configration

Even you can connect your another Gmail account.

Method: –

First open setting and choose Accounts and Import tab and click on Add another mail address and follow further all steps.

How to get hdfc credit card and what is minimum salary requirement

In 2018, different offers are active and there are many ways to get one from hdfc.

First method

In this method, you need to purchase a bike from hdfc finance. Down payments would 30% of the bike cost and remaining would be on monthly installments.

With it, they will offer you credit card. You do not need to show any income or salary slip but you need to show them your any bank account passbook with recent entries.

It is easiest way and even many friends of mine used it.

Second method

For this method, you need luck and salary slip to show them, if your salary is under 15,000 then it is hard and your application will hang on air but good CBIL score can increase your chance to up to 150%.

Third method

Open FD account for 6 months and apply for credit card. You can close your FD after 6 months.

How to login your wifi router setting over internet from anywhere

Wifi router provides various useful setting and set password is common and mostly is aware with it. You can block certain MAC address and limit bandwidth for devices.

But when you are away from your home and in any error, you family does not know how to tackle then it is problem for them because you can solve it on phone call.

So you can access from any location in the world, if you have internet access. Read below to know more: –

Open setting page and find DDNS option and enable it, it will show you and in the dropdown list. You can choose any but you need to sign up for account and put these details in settings.

If you need further help then comment below, I will help you.

Why outlook is not working for Gmail? Get know

Gmail consider many security protocols and if you are not aware about it then it is really hard for you to use it.

Google provide many facilities and lack of knowledge cannot use it properly.

Solution: –

First, you need to login in Gmail, access to setting page and click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

In the bottom, Enable IMAP option because outlook use IMAP services to fetch emails and read configuration instructions which are provided below the IMAP option.

How to delete spam mails from Gmail

Gmail is safest email provider and provide various useful functions but we still get thousands of spam daily. It is really hard to filter those junks and consume too much time.

But below are some tricks which can delete all those in minutes.

You need to Login in your account and open setting.

Now you need to click on Filters and Blocked Addresses option, create filters and popup window will open where you can filter emails.

If you want to only filter email of single email id which sends you bulk mails then you need to put its email id in FROM field and click on Search icon.

New window will appear with filtered email id, now click on SELECT ALL option and delete, it will save your time and effort.

You can filter by SUBJECTS and even you can filter by containing words in email.

Just test all fields one by one.

What is Error 0xc000021a in Windows 10 & How to fix it?

0xc000021a is disk read error and comes when you install fresh windows 10 and it would not install correctly which missing files or corrupted files.

Reset free trial of IP change easy

Sometimes, during upgrades and it occurs.

First start your computer and open automatic repair window & choose advanced options >> CMD

Now check disk errors by typing command:-

Chkdsk /f /r

It will take time, so wait for full process. Now, you have to download required files but it will automatic process, in which, repair setting compare your existing files to online. It will automatic import required files in system.

Type below commands to compare:-

Dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Above command will restore files when you restart your computer next time.

Other method

For this, you need windows 10 disk, run it on your pc and restart; it will start setup and now choose repair setup and follow all instructions.

It is easiest way to do

Highly demanded Patwari Exam Books Names List

If you are perusing for competitive exams then books are root for you, you need to take coaching to clear doubts and practice.

Below are some book names lists which are proven.

  1. Mumal General Knowledge Version

It is latest general knowledge book which cover mostly topics very beautifully. You get history, culture and geographic knowledge.

They publish for mostly states. It covers most, so you must read.

  1. Sumitra Tricky Mathematics

Sumitra Mathematics is well performing course. It gives best examples to teach you. You get best formula’s which increase your accuracy and speed to solve problems and at all, it matters.

  1. Maanas

It is Hindi subject publication and best in this niche. It clears all aspect of Hindi.

List of Popular kodi add-ons as category wise

Kodi is available for mostly devices and it is best thing, so it is widely used. Users search daily for content sources which is called add-on.

Below are list of Kodi add-ons :- 

  1. Exodus

In this, you can watch movies and you can stream live channels. You can get episodes of back dates. It is mostly active source and gets update weekly.

But down side – it is much busy and it takes minutes to load.


  1. IPTV

It is live TV source and you can get 4000 channels across the world. It load fast and mostly channels work. You can choose country.

Exodus contains the stream feed of it, so you do not need find separately, if you have exodus


  1. Sports devil

If you are sport lover then you need to get sport devil but most contents are based on football.

Use unlimited accounts on facebook messenger in single android mobile

Facebook launched new feature and now you can add many facebook ids on single device. You can use all those without log out any one and no need to frequent login.

First method

In this method, you can directly add you ids in messenger and you need to click on setting option and choose switch account option.

Pop up window will ask you login credentials.

Second method

In second method, you need to visit android mobile setting and find accounts options where you need to choose add new account option and select facebook messenger option and put your credentials.

It is much easier, if you are not techie.

Jmcnsoft : How to reset free trial of IP change easy

You can use it lifetime. You need to reset trial of IP change easy only once.

Below is method: –

First open RUN command prompt and type regedit in it and open it. Now you are on registry editor.

In the EDIT menu, you need to click upon find option and type ip change easy and find folder of it.

You would find changeshicishu2 registry file, so open it and type 0 and save it.


Now you can use unlimited without any worry.

How to watch Netflix videos free of cost?

Netflix is premium application and giving 30 days trial but you can watch Netflix without any cost.

Below is trick: –

Install Kodi on your Device

You can use kodi on your device, it is available for pc and mobile both but only kodi will help and you need to find Netflix add-on to get content.

You can search web for this purpose.  Some works and some do not but I bet, you would get many working sources.

How to increase battery backup of JioFi router

Is your JioFi draining fast then you can increase backup by following some below tricks:-


  1. First you need connect your device with computer then you need to flip back your device where you would find IP address and login details.

You need put this IP in web browser and use login details to open setting page.

Now select setting tab and select WIFI option and lower the TX POWER. It will use low power to transmit signals.


  1. Use IDLE MODE setup. It is not any setting but you need to consider few points. You should fully charge your device and plug out SIM.

Now turn it on and lets it without connecting any device. Do not connect any device and let it full discharge.

It is a calibration process.

Fan repair Shop in Jaipur

Daily routine life is so busy and we do not have time for our family because of work load, even you cannot take care about house maintenance.

Below are some companies which provide Fan repair services in Jaipur.

Sharma electronics

They are expert in electronics and you can contact for every gadgets. They have large collections of parts, so they are up to mark for these of works.

How to activate caller tune for JIO Phone

Jio is providing free caller tune service and it does not cost. You can change it unlimited times and no validity issue.

You can choose your desired tunes using jio music app but in JIO Phone, there is not option to set, so below are some tricks to set it for your JIO Phone:-

  1. Borrow someone Jio mobile for 2 minute

First you need to borrow your friend mobile and open jio music application in his mobile, set tune in his mobile which you want to set for your JIO Phone.

Now call to his mobile number and press * and now you get sms, so reply with yes.

Now you set your caller tune

This is copy trick. It is easiest way to set.

How to Uninstall Kaspersky Parental Control

It is first application for android which works as it stat but it is premium software and providing 30 days trial. After it, you need to purchase full version.

If you do not buy and do not uninstall then you would not be able to do after trial period.

Only solution is to hard reset your mobile with using keys combination. You need to switch off your mobile and use key combinations to format it.

Do not have key combinations?

You can search on Google, search by your model name and type hard reset keys.

Oppo F9 pro sunrise red price, features, battery backup

F9 pro is launching in 20 august 2018 in India and price is 31,000 INR.  It is having 4100 mAH battery which will last 6 hours when you are heavy user.

Battery optimization

Device will get to know which apps you use most at which time and kill other apps to save power and calibrate to other apps.  It will also reduce useless notification on the screen. Smart optimization system is one of greatest feature inside mobile.


You can enjoy onscreen finger print sensor and face unlock system with Google AI.

Smart adaptive screen feature

Smart adaptive brightness is also good feature which will take care about you. You can customize settings easily.

Support Up to 200 Mbps internet speed

It is 4G device and you can enjoy 200 mbps 4g speed in this device.

How to Run Devil may cry 5 on 32 bit OS?

If you are a gamer but having old machines and want to play latest games then you can face some problem because upcoming are made for latest machines and latest machines do not support old operating system.

These machines come with 64 bit operating systems but still, you can play your favourite games with trick.

Install VMware

You can create 64bit virtual machine into 32 bit OS, so you can enjoy your games.

Brand activation companies near janter manter road

Is your product popular then you have done brand activation. It increase awareness in people and by that, you get business leads.

You can do it using online and offline modes.

Online modes are digital sites where you can spread your products specification and needful people contact you.

Digital modes are social sites, advertising sites, online search engines etc. Better product gets better social and digital engagement.

Offline modes are direct marketing plans, as you can do phone marketing or you can create road awareness. You can visit stores to collect thoughts about your product.

Digital marketing companies and social media companies in India

Some decent companies are working in this field to serve you. Some are group of freelancers and some are well known firm.

If you want to cut prices for your project then small companies are better to hire.  You can hire freelance and it will sure you about sure results before paying any amount.

Social media professionals are expert on social platform and they can easily get traffic from it. Digital media professionals are same but ahead in some tasks. They get hired for result + lead.

Below are freelance company in Delhi: –


  1. Subhash Sharma

It is highly expert in digital world. They will sure you about budget. They also offer other services like as web development, logo designing, psd designing, and wordpress theme modification. They are located near janpath, Delhi

How to activate internet banking in AU small finance bank

It is new bank and as other private banks, you also get welcome kit, in which you get atm card, passbook and net banking credential kit.

In which, you need to login in your new banking within days, otherwise it will expire and you will not able to access.

Good news, you can get your new password by visiting official site. You will get otp on your registered mobile and can set your new password.

How to register

Go to website, find internet banking page and click upon register then it will ask your account number and mobile number and DOB and OTP will come on your mobile number, just fill it on required field.

Now you need to set information like your desired password, security questions etc.

Username will be your account number.

पहली बार कुछ ख़ास फीचर्स आपको मिलने वाले है

2018 साल में सबसे ज्यादा हुए है इनमे 4g volte मोबाइल नयी टेक्नोलॉजी है ! ऐसे फ़ोन भी जिनकी बैटरी भी पूरा 1 दिन चलती है ,वो भी दिन भर usage के बाद !

छोटी बैटरी और लंबे बैकअप के कारण ही Oppo लोगो की पहली पसंद बना हुआ है !

जानिए कुछ नए मोबाइल जिनमे है इनोवेटिव फीचर्स : –

16 हजार mAh battery वाला मोबाइल

Energizer Power Max P16K Pro फ़ोन में 16 हजार mAH की बैटरी है जिसको निकला नहीं सकता ! यह 2 दिनों आराम से चल सकता है

ट्रिपल रेयर कैमरा वाला स्मार्टफोन

कंपनी ने huawei p20 प्रो में तीन रेयर कैमरा उपलब्ध कराये है ! इसमें 20 MP मोनो क्रोम सेंसर , 40 MP आरजीबी सेंसर और एक 8 MP टेलीफोटो सेंसर भी है !

इसमें 6.1 इंच फुल HD प्लस ओलेड स्क्रीन, 24 मेगापिक्सेल फ्रंट facing कैमरा , ओक्टा कोर किरिन 970 प्रोसेसर , 6 GB रैम, 128 GB इनबिल्ट स्टोरेज जैसी सुविधाएं है !

90 हर्ट्ज़ स्क्रीन रिफ्रेश रेट वाली अमोलेड डिस्प्ले मोबाइल

आरओजी फ़ोन असुस ने पहला गेमिंग मोबाइल लॉन्च किया इसमें ड्यूल चार्जिंग पोर्ट्स है ! 6 इंच फुल hd प्लस डिस्प्ले, 2 MP और 8 MP कैमरा है अगर कहे तो कैमरा खास नहीं है क्योकि यह गेमिंग एक्सप्रिएंस को ध्यान में रख कर बनाया गया है !

ब्लॉकचैन वाला मोबाइल

htc ने एक ऐसा मोबाइल निकाला है जिसमे आप digital currency को रखा जा सकता है और कई इनबिल्ट digital wallet है ! इसमें आप बिटकॉइन, ethereum, litecoin, ripple और भी कई तरह की करेंसी रख सकते है

स्क्रीन के अंदर लगा फिंगरप्रिंट सेंसर

vivo एक्स 20 प्लस दुनिया का पहला ऐसा हैंडसेट है जिसमे स्क्रीन के अंदर ही फिंगरप्रिंट सेंसर लगा हुआ है और ऐसे 4 और डिवाइस है जिसमे यह फैसिलिटी है ! इसमें 6.43 इंच अमोलेड फुल hd प्लस डिस्प्ले , स्टॉन्ग qualcomm का 845 प्रोसेसर, 8GB रैम और 4000 mAh की पावरफुल बैटरी है

अंदर बाहर होने वाला कैमरा

vivo नेक्स में पॉपअप कैमरा है साथ ही ऑनस्क्रीन फिंगरप्रिंट सेंसर है और 4000 mAh की बैटरी , 8 GB रैम

ड्यूल OIS वाला

सैमसंग गैलेक्सी s 9 प्लस में एप्रेचर और ड्यूल ois का फीचर है और पीछे 2 अलग अलग 12 मेगापिक्सेल सेंसर है ! 8 मेगापिक्सेल का सेल्फी कैमरा है !

जानिए कैसे मिले नसरुद्दीन शाह और रत्ना पाठक

दोनों की मुलाकात 1975 में हुई जब दोनों एक स्टूडेंट थे और दोनों ने एक कॉलेज प्ले “संभोग से सन्यास तक ” में साथ काम किया और रिहर्सल के दौरान ही मुलाकात हुई और दोनों में प्यार हो गया !

और शादी कर ली ! शादी के बाद से ही उनके करियर में उछाल आया और कई हिट फिल्मे इंडस्ट्री को दी ! थ्रेयटर से ही उन्होंने कला की बारीकी सीखी जो आजकल कम ही देखने को मिलती है क्योकि एक्टर सीधे ही फिल्मो से शुरुआत करते है , परन्तु असली बारीकी थ्रेयटर से ही आती है !

What is green pin and how to generate?

It is one time password or OTP which is needed to set your desired ATM or CREDIT CARD pin.

Due to security reason, new customer get only green pin.

How to generator new green pin when you lose current

You can generate new one by visiting nearest ATM. You need to carry your registered mobile number with you otherwise you will not able to proceed.

Swap your ATM and click upon generate new green pin and you will receive OTP on your mobile then input in ATM.

Now you will receive new one on your mobile.

You can do either by visiting your home branch.

Using net banking

If you already activated net banking then you can easily generate new green pin.

Generator actual ATM PIN using green

If you have PNB account then you can generate actual ATM PIN by visiting PNB official website or visit nearest ATM centre.

मैंगो पाउंड केक की रेसिपी ; किस तरह बनाए

सॉल्टी केक बनाने के लिए सामग्री

200 ग्राम पीसी हुई चीनी
50 ग्राम बटर
क्रीम 70 ग्राम
सॉल्ट 4 ग्राम


मोटे तले के पैन में चीनी को हलकी लौ पर गरम और हिलाते रहे , इससे चीनी पिघल जाएगी और हल्का भूरा रंग ले लेगी , अब इसे चूल्हे से उतार ले ! क्रीम और बटर दोनों को मिला ले !
जब ठंडा हो जाये तो एक चुटकी सॉल्ट मिलाये !

अब बेकिंग

एक बेकिंग डिश लेना है और इसे कवर करे फॉयल से इसके बाद केक के मिक्स को साँचे में 3/4 हिस्सा भर दे और इसके ऊपर 2 चमच सॉल्टी सामग्री डाले !
अब 180 डिग्री सेल्सियस पर ओवन में रखे वो भी 30 -40 मिनट तक और बीच बीच में चेक करते रहे ! ठंडा करके परोसे !

VPS trial without credit card

I will add more sites here, so keep visiting


You do not need any credit card to get free 1 month trial. You need only email id and even you can use disposable email id to get it.


You cannot install anything on this machine. You can install some cloud software which is provided by company itself.

In real manner, it is full restriction to avoid abuse. You can watch YouTube, surf internet.


It also provides cloud based platform for lifetime where you can test cloud. You can use it without paying anything. You need Bing email id to get free trial.


External sites are blocked, so you can download any software and because of it. It is possible that you can install third party software but without internet, it is even not possible.


It also provide free of cost without any timeline limit but you cannot install any software. you need valid email to signup.


It provide free for 12 days. You need to sign up for it. They have only linux OS and do not provide windows. You can use even cPanel in that.

What are the charges for SBI account closure?

Do you want to close your bank account? Then you should know about charges which are lavished upon it.

Jhan – Dhan Account

If you have this account then you can close your without any charge but you need to carry your id proof.

Basic Saving Account

If you are from rural areas then you do not need to pay anything but if you are from metro city then you need to pay to 650 INR for closure.

For rural, you need to maintain 1100 INR during this process and for metro, you need to maintain 3650 INR for it

Saving Account

Charges are same for rural and metro because of its ability; you need to pay 650 INR in both circumstances.

Current Account

Charges are same but you need to maintain minimum 10,800 INR during this process.

Note: – you can cash out payment via using self-check.


Malaika Arora Khan unseen pics; must see

Dabangg sexiest girl; everyone want to know about her and even she is having thousands of fans on twitter.

mostly younger are following her on social media, she is not active on facebook and you can connect to her on instagram and twitter.

Below are link where you can find her pics; must see, so visit below links :-

  1. White under wear and white dress on beach. yes, it is almost bikni photo shot but much sexiest than to bikni style.

visit link to see


2. long white skirt with long slash cuts and sexiest underwear with hot figure

visit link to see

3. Black Bikini pose on sofa

visit link to see

4. Pink color slashed skirt with visionary undie. perhaps it is birthday time.

visit link to see

5. watch her saree pics

Visit link to see

6.  She is on blue silk type swimsuit

Visit link to see




What is the Reason behind late release of dhadak movie; read full

Jhanvi kapoor’s debut is to release and according to youtube videos; movie was ready before 4 month and had not because of reasons???

Official declared reason is biopic SANJU release which is bumper super hit and people loved it.

Second assuming reason may be sanjay leela bhansali’s “padmavati”. As it was sure that padmavati will be super hit and no one wanted to clash his own movie with that.

Third reason is, director Shashank Khaitan need proper time for marketing. Proper time can give proper ideas to get people reaction on it.

Wedding Planner Companies in Ajmer; Check the best companies list & services

It is another city where planner companies are active from nearest cities. In mostly cases, Jaipur provide all services to it.

It takes 3 hours to travel to it, so it is easy to manage business there from another city.

Let’s check out best companies in Ajmer

  1. Oberoi

It is commercially located in Jaipur but even provide services in Ajmer, Delhi. It also provides event services.

They are best company for its services.

  1. Ganpati caterers

It comes on second number of its services. It is much affordable option and you can deal with them for any occasion as they are expertise in Rajasthani cuisine.

  1. Desert pearl

It is well known in Udaipur and served many popular celebrities of Bollywood successfully but they are strict professional, so it can rise your cost but give you memorable wedding experience.

Catering in Jaipur – continental & non-continental both

Did you enjoy wedding in Jaipur ever?  Foods & services are more focused in Rajasthan. They follow different-different types of tradition which increase enthusiasm.

You can eat vast range of Jaipur cuisine foods when you visit local marriages. Catering service is common for wedding receptions, so check-out some below.

Below are some companies who are working from years and well known:- 

1. J.oberoi

It is well known firm and known for its outdoor services and they can arrange services to any location of India. top vendors are working with them to provide valuable services.

Even they are expertise in indoor and they own garden and they have collaboration with many hotels.

They offer all types of foods, like as continental, non-continental.

They are best in Indian, Italian, Chinese and taste and quality always come from them.

Specially known for wedding


They are well known for wedding services. They are creative in decoration whether it is flower or stage. They arrange beautiful tents and even they help in rooms booking, so complete guest arrangement tasks and provide taxi services to receive guests.


You can start your per plate plan from 1000 INR. It offers different-different popular dishes.


Owner is Satish Jain and you can book direct appointment any time.

2. Ganpati

It comes on 2nd number. They are well known of Italian foods. They are affordable option.


They have flexible option and you can start at 200 INR per plate. Prices are depending upon your packages choice and your ceremony type.

Best Computer Games, Must Play

If you are heavy video gamer then you would like to know about best one to play.

We are not talking about good graphical but mostly are interesting which you would like to play whole day.

1. Giants: Citizen Kabuto

It is my favorite one and you must play it. you will play it whole day and this is my bet.

Minimum processor requirement

You can play it even in simple P4 processor with dual core and your ordinary 128MB graphic card can play it easily.

2. Max Payne

It is story based on detective.  Max Payne who is detective and his wife murdered by Gangster in his house.

So he is taking revenge of his wife and searching murderer of his wife and solve many quiz type stages.

It is interesting because all levels are puzzle but not hard to complete and you get different types of weapons.

3. Tomb Raider

It is most mysterious. it is hard to complete all levels but you are found of these type of game then it is for you.

4. Metal Slug

It is 2D action based and firstly, After successful in Sony PlayStation console then also launched for Computer.

You will get 1st world war feel in the game. You can take camel, tank, fighter planes and other modern machines to fights with enemy. every machine need fuel to run and armor, so you need to take it from saint soldiers.

Minimum processor requirement

Minimum game requirement is 64 MB graphic card and P3 and 128 MB RAM is enough to play it. it means that you can run this game even in single core processor.

Just grab different-different weapons and enjoy it.

5. Bioshock Infinite

Do you need high graphic? then You should Download it but you need good graphic card to play it.

Minimum processor requirement

Minimum processor requirement is 4 core processor and minimum graphic card requirement is 512 MB of any brand.

I am running it Intel 512 MB graphic card and it is running smoothly.

Yes, you can not clear stages easily and even first stage is too hard.

6. Dino Crisis

Your mission is to protect people from dinosaur and to do what needed, sometimes you collect documents and weapon or start some machines which will protect from these creatures.

Minimum processor requirement

Minimum graphic card requirement is 64 MB and Minimum processor requirement is single core computer with 64 MB RAM.


Notes – It will update more, so just bookmark this page

Popular Rajasthani Kalali Songs

Folk songs and dance is very popular in India. family are very found of about these and wedding party also organizing these type of folk events.

Rajasthani folk is different in manner which reflect dynasty and royalty. Kalbeliya is Rajasthani dance which is related to snake catcher families.

Below are some best folk songs : – 

  1. Padharo Mhare Desh
  2. Suvotiyo
  3. Kalali Tharo Daru
  4. Gorband
  5. Manvaro re Pyalo

How to change passenger name on the railway ticket?

We use Railway services because it is much cheap and convenient option than to bus. We can reserve our seat but when you reserved your seats before many days ago for travel and now one of the member is not able to travel then you can change name in ticket.

To change name, you need to go railway station to update names even IRCTC website do not provide name update services.

You can update before 48 hours of chart preparation. You need to carry identity proof of all passengers to change names. they will verify and will change the name.

If your ticket entitled for free meal then it will be updated on catering company and updated passenger will get free meal also.

Remember that they will not give you new ticket and will change by writing by pen and signature.

Same with E-ticket and Counter Ticket.  there is no guideline for tatkal ticket, so you need to visit station.

Best Movies; Must Watch

Hollywood is known for computer effects and mostly used it, thus movies is having bigger budget.

On single Hollywood budget, we can create 100 in Bollywood.

Below are some names which you must watch: –



  1. Jeepers Creepers
  2. Ghost Rider
  3. The Mummy 1 and 2
  4. Insidious 1 and 2
  5. Evil Dead
  6. Thirteen Ghost
  7. Ghost ship
  8. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  9. The Ring


  1. City Hunter
  2. Welcome to the jungle
  3. Walking Tall
  4. Jurassic park 1
  5. Torque
  6. The Bourne Identity
  7. Commondo
  8. Rocky


  1. Anger Management
  2. Fun with Dick and Jane
  3. Home Alone
  4. Do not messup with Johan


  1. Ocean Eleven
  2. Ocean Twelve
  3. Ocean Thirteen
  4. Bad Boys
  5. Sherlock Homes
  6.  The Last Stand
  7. The Island



  1. 50 First Dates
  2. Titanic
  3. Sweeney Todd
  4. Distubia
  5. Ninja Assassin


  1. The Mask
  2. Hercules – Dwayne Johnson
  3. The Scorpion King
  4. Sleepy Hollow
  5. Gladiator
  6. The Tree of Life
  7. Prince of Persia
  8. Van helsing
  9. Hell boy
  10. Deep Blue Sea
  11. Journey 2
  12. Harry Poter Series
  13. The sixth Sense
  14. 300
  15. Troy
  16. Guardian of the Galaxy
  17. Jumanji
  18. Bruce Almighty

Science Fiction

  1. Evolution
  2. Independence day
  3. Iron Man
  4. Avatar
  5. Battleship
  6. Source code
  7. The Cowboys & Aliens
  8. Hollow Man
  9. Alien Vs Predator
  10. Matrix
  11. Minority Report
  12. Edge of Tomorrow
  13. Terminator 2 and 3
  14. Doom
  15. I- Robot
  16. Robocop
  17. Resident Evil
  18. Planet of the Apes
  19. Elysium
  20. John Carter
  21. Deep Rising
  22. Riddick

Cheapest Internet Plans with High Speed in Jaipur

Have you used 2G? Or Used 1 G? Then you know about pathetic speed.  Reliance introduced it in India with many offers in the 2002.

Company was selling mobile at 500 Rs which was affordable mobile because other companies like as Ericsson and nokia were selling mobile at starting price of 15,000 and Reliance was selling it at 500 INR with postpaid billing but in actual, mobile was cost of 3000 INR.

People was paying this money via installments plus billing money extra. Handset had 1G GPRS on it and Rcom application was present in it and videos songs are only content on it.

Now you do not need costly and below are some companies which are providing cheapest plans:- 

  1. Reliance

Company has wired services in Jaipur but it is wired so only limited areas are only available in service list.

It provides super fast speed with low latency.

It provides superfast speed with low latency. Jio has bought this company and soon it will provide optical fibre speed in India. You would get first 3 month free unlimited access.

Starting Price is 380 INR.

It is Unlimited Plan with the maximum speed of 2 MBPS but minimum speed is 1 MBPS.

Availability areas List –

  1. Chitrakoot Colony
  2. Shyam Nagar
  3. Bani Park
  4. Raja park
  5. M.I Road
  6. Ashok Nagar
  7. Malviya Nagar
  8. Bapu Nagar
  9. Jyoti Nagar

Company Head office –

Reliance has various offices in Jaipur but for wire connection, you need to visit civil lines area office.

  1. Tikona

Tikona is wireless services Provider Company but also provide lease line. In the starting year, it was partnered with vsnl and was using vsnl services to provide own services. It means that it is 2nd tier or 3rd Tier Company.

It is providing 10MBPS speed in India. Price is 400 INR with unlimited access.

You would get 5 GB at 2 MBPS speed and after using it, you would get unlimited 1 MBPS speed.

Coverage areas List –

Vaishali Nagar

Ajmer Road

Civil Lines

M.I Road





Malviya Nagar

Bani Park

Company Head office –

Tikona does not having any corporate office in Rajasthan and doing business through Reseller agencies, even login details also come from Delhi through mail after payment.


It also in the list but due to wire only option, areas are limited of availability.

It cost 500 INR.

4 MBPS unlimited but it is 4 MBPS till 100 GB data usage per month, afterwards, it speed will be reduced to 1 MBPS.





90’s popular Indian Tv Serials

In present, more than 400 channels are present and they daily telecast 4000 serials, in which we only watch 2-3 serials only; even these are also not quality.

Over acting and long pitch of story make them boring. Nagin- 1 ,Nagin -2 and now Nagin 3. characters are changed but story based on same pitch. in the 90’s there were only best actors who played various vintage roles in various movies.

Below are some Tv serials which were very popular and most viewed : –

Byomkesh Bakshi

It is my favorite tv serials and still I watch on youtube. during its launch, it was about 3 years old and I watched it on DD National Channel when I was 8 years old ans still love this. it is based upon detective stories.


it is based on war of mahabahart between korwa and pandwas. it is popular and most viewed of all aged group.


It is based upon India partition story. Story year is around 1948. it is most interesting story and acting attracts to everyone.


It is widely famous. it was based upon daily new stories but interesting. I still miss it.


If you want to see sharukh khan in Tv serial then you can watch it and but it was not his first tv show.


It is sharukh khan first debut tv serial.



It is educational and serial for children. tarmmmm-too , tuck -tales, motu or patlu, lal-bhujakad chacha, tales spin, aladdin were telecast. it was quite entertaining serials.

Motu or patlu

It is first debut show which was telecast on DD National Tv and it is much better than nikalodin channel version.


Mugeri Lal Ke Hasin Sapne

It is comedy show and based on new story pitch daily. same role who dream different-different character thus make funny environment .


Alif Lela

It is also based different story pitch. ghost, monsters are the pitch of the story. all stories are interesting.

Flop Show

It is comedy show. Popular punjabi actors are acted well to entertain audience.

Shreeman and Shreemati ji

Keshav and Kekra two character were character who acted funny roles. it was best funny serial on DD National TV.

Mithi ke Rang

It is also 90’s Tv show. it was based on daily different-different stories. it was reflecting Indian society problems.


Note – If I have missed any serial then please comment below.  I will include you suggested serials.

Many more but i will update more in few days, so keep reading.

Best Nintendo Video Games

Do you remember your childhood? the year 90’s was very beautiful era. mostly children are very found of outdoor playing and even indoor.

Have you ever played classics? yes, in the 90’s only Nintendo console was available worldwide and it was too much costly in India. It was cost around 3000 INR and it was too much costly according to that time.

Below are few which were popular and still they are popular :-


It is flagship game of nintendo company. it was free with console. it was not first game launch of company and before launching it, company introduced many other but all were based upon mario.

It is consist total 8 stages and 8 stages consist 4 inner level. 8 multiply to 4 = 32 challenges

Tiny Toon Adventures

It is widely played. it also came with 3 different version and only 1 version is popular as graphic wise. it is quite difficult but interesting.

You collect carrot to increase life and heart to increase life line. it is single player game.


It is based upon war.  it is also came in different versions, around 4 contra were released that time. story based upon alien who invade to earth and human fight to them.

It is multiplayer game.

By using some tricks, you can get 30 lives. First stage starts in jungle.

Jungle Book

It is too much difficult and even I can not complete all stages yet. graphic is awesome according to 90’s era. it is puzzle to find all the diamond to clear the stages.

To clear stages, you need to collect diamond which are located in different-different areas. you collect diamond then stage get clear.


All stages are graveyard stages and based on prince and princess, so it is scary by theme. You fight with ghosts and protect princess from ghost king.


It is quite interesting and based on army story. It is beautifully designed. Mission is very clear and you need to rescue soldiers by fighting enemy. You clear different – different stages by rescue other soldiers and killing enemy soldiers.


This is more interesting than original movie. you get all the powers same as movie and you do not need additional power-ups to increase power.

Captain America

You must play but if you are genius then you can play it otherwise you can not play and it will mess your mind.

You can choose Captain America or Bow Man to play it. Both have different Powers.


If you like hard stages then it is perfect and best game which will suit you. You will find it very hard and if you are good player then you can play it.

If you ever played king kong then it is similar based to it.

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  1. You will not post un-interested article.
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