How to exclude your own dynamic IP traffic in Google analytics?

If you are monitoring your website traffic then Google analytics perfectly fit for you as it is providing many features and so, it is hard to operate to newbie person.

If you get traffic and want to check that how user interact with your site and from where, they came and what is your actual bounce rate and what is source.

All these things are very important to run successful website but your own traffic can interrupt your own final report, so you need to exclude as soon as possible.

Do you have dynamic IP which change mostly time automatically? Then you should read below solutions: –

  1. Install Block Yourself from Analytics chrome extension

It is one click solution because you do not need any further step. It is easy solution. You need to enter your domain name in the setting field and done!

Download Chrome Extension

  1. Exclude whole network

As you have dynamic IP which range every time, so only solution to exclude your ISP.

                     How to do that:-

First visit iplocation and copy your ISP name then login in analytics and in the left side bottom, click on admin link and find filter option and add new filter.

In filter name area, you can name it anything, and choose custom option and choose exclude > ISP organization

In the filter pattern, paste your ISP name and save it.

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