How to get hdfc credit card and what is minimum salary requirement

In 2018, different offers are active and there are many ways to get one from hdfc.

First method

In this method, you need to purchase a bike from hdfc finance. Down payments would 30% of the bike cost and remaining would be on monthly installments.

With it, they will offer you credit card. You do not need to show any income or salary slip but you need to show them your any bank account passbook with recent entries.

It is easiest way and even many friends of mine used it.

Second method

For this method, you need luck and salary slip to show them, if your salary is under 15,000 then it is hard and your application will hang on air but good CBIL score can increase your chance to up to 150%.

Third method

Open FD account for 6 months and apply for credit card. You can close your FD after 6 months.

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