Latest social bookmarking websites list, take a look

If you are blog owner then social bookmarking can help you to get good web traffic but you need quality content.

Interesting content play important role in marketing plan and in other hand, sloppy content will cut down your all efforts, so create interesting content.

Below are some social bookmarking websites lists: –

1. Facebook

It provide nofollow links and it had 2.27 billion monthly active users in 2018. you can create facebook page to promote your website.

2. Youtube

It have 1.9 billion active users per month. it provide nofollow link in description. you can upload and promote your videos.

3. Twitter

It provide No Follow links and it have 326 million active users and 80% are mobile users and in which 36% users are from USA.

4. Linkedin

It have 260 million active users per month and it provide nofollow links. if you have large numbers of connections then you can get good amount of traffic to your website but spamming post is not good and you should helpful post.

5. Pinterest

It also provide No-follow links and you can promote your images with description. it have 250 million active users and 125 million users are from USA.

6. Reddit

It also provide nofollow links and it have monthly 234 million unique users and 50% are from USA.

7. Dribbble

It is having 125 million pages view per month. 97% users are designers.

8. We Heart It

It provide nofollow links and it looks same as Pinterest, so you can post your pics with links and description. it have 45 million registered users.

9. Mix

It is new version of StumbleUpon. It have 25 million users and 20% are mobile users.

10. Pocket

It have 20 million registered users. you can submit your website link in it.


It provide nofollow links and it had 1,000,000 registered in the 2014.

12. Slashdot

It provide dofollow links and It had around 3.7 million unique visitors per month in the year of 2012.

13. Digg

It looks same as Pocket. it have 2.7 million registered Digg users.

14. naijahotzone

It provide nofollow links and It is built on oxwall php script and best part that you can free promote your article on homepage which will help you to get awesome traffic. It have 15000 monthly users and DA is 37 and PA is also 37 and Moz Rank is 3.

15. saddahaq

Before posting any content, you need one time approval from admin. You need to send sample post to get approval.

It is better, you send unique and interesting post to them.

16. Mynumer

You can create blog or you can post on forum and by it, you can get some free traffic to your blog. It have 10000 Monthly Users and DA is 33 and PA is 27 and Moz Rank is 2.70

17. Tripoto

If you have travel blog then you can post your interesting content, remember that admin group regularly check spam, so be genuine and only post travel related topic and you get nofollow links which can drive some conversational  traffic.

18. Dailygram

It provide no-follow links but most appealing thing, it provide free post promotion feature. it means that you can get some traffic.

19. Myturnondemand

Built on oxwall php script and daily thousand users post blog on it. you can get some extra traffic from it by posting interesting content.

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